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SpamCntrl is a company that provides cutting-edge spam filtering technology for YouTube. Our core functionality is to combat spam and give content creators the freedom to create and share quality content without the fear of it being drowned out by spam. Our technology not only filters spam, but it also destroys it once and for all. We understand that spam is a problem that affects not only content creators but also viewers, as scammers may use spam to steal money from them. Therefore, we aim to provide a better online experience for all by empowering creators and giving them the tools they need to take control of their online presence. We believe that our technology can be expanded to other platforms to combat spam on a larger scale, thus creating a better and spam-free internet for all.


ContractStream provides easy set-up and access paradigms for live data from blockchain smart contracts. Retrieving data from smart contracts on EVM chains can take time due to a heap of other people's data from their smart contracts. ContractStream solves this problem by providing a database and ensuring real-time data. The app also handles changing app data by using ABI to decode and store event-based data.


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